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A theme park of over 3,000 square metres, perfect for spending an unforgettable day with the family! During the cold winter days, you can get lost in a labyrinth rich in information, sounds and images that will lead you from one attraction to another through Lost in the Jungle. A place that stimulates the imagination of young and old.

You will be able to explore two different virtual reality experiences, discover the jungle and its inhabitants, take selfies with elephants, monkeys, tigers... assisted by mascot Losty, who will guide you to the crazy inflatable slides that your mum and dad or, why not, the grandparents, will also be able to play with the little ones.


The adventures continue non-stop: you can cling to vines that make you feel a bit like Tarzan or Jane, or swing on a magical swing suspended between balloon trees...


Will you be able to fly high enough to discover where the world's most fun ball pool is hidden? If you find it then you can swim, play basketball, climb... A play area designed for children from 0 to 2 years old will meet the needs of the little ones and allow mum and dad to relax!

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Time spent in the company of Losty and his amazing games and mazes will accompany your afternoons after school or your weekends. There is also a space where you can enjoy delicious snacks or celebrate birthdays in the company of all your friends! So get your compass ready and... Have fun!

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